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  Upcoming Events
International Employment Forum 2008: Employment Friendly Growth
■ Date : June 3 - 4, 2008
■ Venue : Cho Byungdoo International Hall (5F), 600 Hundreds Anniversary Hall, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea
■ Organizers : Korea Labor Institute, The Korean Economic Association
■ Sponsors : Ministry of Labor, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade, Korea Employment Information Service, Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training, The Korea Economic Daily
■ Languages : Korean & English (Simultaneous Interpretation)
As job creation has emerged as one of the main goals of the government policy, the need has arisen to open a forum for in-depth discussions on employment friendly economic policies in pan-economics and pan-ministries scopes, beyond the traditional scope of labor economics and of the policies of the Ministry of Labor.
World-renowned scholars will be invited to share opinions on employment issues in the area of economics including growth, macroeconomics and education. Along with that, employment experts from international organizations such as the OECD and the ILO will be also invited to offer their perspectives, to ensure balance in policy proposals.
The Forum will provide scholars and experts with different educational backgrounds with an opportunity to compare as well as share their evaluations of the employment policies over the past 20 years and their visions of the employment strategies for the future.

2008 Affirmative Action Forum
■ Date : 30 May 2008
■ Venue : Room, 9F, Korea Labor Institute, Seoul, Korea
■ Organizer : Equal Employment Evaluation Team, Korea Labor Institute
■ Language : Korean
The Korea Labor Institute will organize “2008 Affirmative Action Forum.” Since 2005, Equal Employment Evaluation Team of Korea Labor Institute has organized this annual forum to discuss and share recent studies on affirmative action. In 2008, Ms Jong-sook Kim (Researcher, Korean Women’s Development Institute) will give a presentation on "Career Development of Female-manager in Firms: the Result of Panel Survey of Female-manager."
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