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The 17th KLI Morning Lecture on People-Oriented Management
■ Date : May 15, 2008 (07:15-09:00)
■ Venue : Woobong Hall, 12F, CCMM Bldg., Youido, Seoul, Korea
■ Organizers : Korea Labor Institute (KLI), New Paradigm Center (NPC)
■ Language : Korean
The Korea Labor Institute organized its 17th Morning Lecture on People-Oriented Management on May 15, 2008. In this 17th KLI Morning Lecture, Mr. Se-Il Park (The chief director, Korea Foundation for Freedom & Prosperity) delivered a speech on “Innovation for Advanced Korea: Philosophy and Strategy.” In cooperation with the New Paradigm Center (NPC), the Korea Labor Institute has organized this KLI Morning Lecture as a monthly event from December 2006. As the organizers believe that people-oriented management will lay the foundation for creating decent work and innovating industrial relations in Korea, this monthly morning lecture will provide a forum for people to meet and discuss ideas on people-oriented management.
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