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  • Name Jin-Ho Jeong
  • Departments Employment Policy Research Division
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  • Tel +82-44-287-6314
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· 1999  Ph.D. in Economics ,Seoul National University
· 1986  M.A. in Economics ,Seoul National University
· 1984  B.A. in Social Studies Education ,Seoul National University


· 4/2015~Present  Commisioner of Minimum Wage Council, Korea
· 7/2015~Present  Director General of the Employment Policy Research Division,
Korea Labor Institute
· 2/2005~6/2008   Director of the Center for Wage and Job Research, Korea Labor
· 6/2003~12/2004  Director of the Labor Trend Analysis Office, Korea Labor

· 8/1988~Present  Research Fellow / Researcher, Korea Labor Institute
· 7/1987∼8/1988  Researcher, Korea Development Institute

Major Publications

· Hidden Unemployment in Korea, Korean Journal of Labor Economics, vol.9, 1986,
· Comparative Study on Wages and Working Conditions in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and
Singapore, Korea Labor Institute, 1991(with Park, Young-Bum & Lee, Tae-Heon).
· Comparative Study on Wages and Working Conditions in China, Malaysia and
Indonesia, Korea Labor Institute, 1994(with Uh, Soo-Bong)
· Labor Turnover in Korea, 1999(Ph.D. dissertation)  
· Wage Determination and the Role of Enterprise, Korean Journal of Labor
Economics, vol.22, no. 2, 1999, pp.61-75(with Lee, Won-Duck)  
· Living Costs for Minimum Wage Setting, Korea Labor Institute, various issue.
· Wage Differentials between Private and Public Workers, Civil Service
Commission, various issues.
· Recent Change in Income Equality and It's Decompositions by Income Source,
Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy, vol.1, no.1, 2001, pp.1-18.
· Income Inequality and Poverty in Korea, Korea Labor Institute, 2001(with
Hwang, Deok-Soon, Lee, Byung-Hee, Choi, Kang-Shik)
· Economic Effects of Reduction in Working Hours in Korea, Ministry of Labor,
2002(with Hwang, Soo-Kyeong, Kim, Sung-Teak).