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  • Name Byung-Hee Lee
  • Departments Social Policy Research Division
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  • Tel +82-44-287-6208
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· 1992-1997 Ph.D., in Economics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
· 1988-1990 M.A., in Economics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
· 1984-1988 B.A., in Economics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


4.1999 - Present  Senior Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute
8.2005 - 7.2006   Visiting Scholar, London School of Economics and Political

Major Publications

(in English)

Chen, Byung Yoo et als., 2014, "Korea : The Great U-Turn in Inequality and the
Need for Social Security Provisions", Nolan, Brian et als., Changing
Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries, Oxford: Oxford University

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Republic of Korea : Are policies working?", International Labour Review 151(3):

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Insurance Premium Subsidies", Chang, Jiyeon ed., Labor Issues in Korea 2011,
Korea Labor Institute.

Yoon, Jin Ho and Byung-Hee Lee, 2010, "The Transformation of the Vocational
Training System in Korea", Bosch, Gerhard and Jean Charest, Vocational
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to Segmentation", Lee, Sangheon and François Eyraud eds., Globalization,
Flexibilization and Working Conditions in Asia and the Pacific, Geneva,
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employment and labour market segmentation in the republic of Korea", ILO
Conditions of Work and Employment Research Series No. 19.

Lee, Byung-Hee, 2006, “Job Skill Development Program”, Keum, Jaeho et al.
Employment Insurance in Korea: The First Ten Years, Korea Labor Institute

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Lee, Byung-Hee, 2004, “Is Levy-Grant Scheme for Employer-Provided Training
Effective? The Experience of Korean Employment Insurance Scheme,” Seoul Journal
of Economics, 2(2): 235-253.

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Future, World Bankand Korea Labor Institute.