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  • Name Jiyeun Chang
  • Departments Social Policy Research Division
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  • Tel +82-44-287-6211
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· 1990~1997  Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.
· 1986~1988  M.A. in Sociology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.  
· 1983~1986  B.A. English Language & Literature, Yonsei University, Seoul,


· 5/2008~ Present  Senior Fellow, Korea Labor Institute  
· 1/2000~4/2008 Fellow, Korea Labor Institute  
· 3/1999~12/1999  Visiting Fellow, Korea Labor Institute  
· 1/1998~2/1999  Research Fellow, Institute for Social Development and Policy
Research, Seoul National University
· 3/1998~2/1999  Lecturer, Seoul National University

Major Publications

· Chung et. al. “Democratization and Women's Welfare in Korean Society”. 2000.  
· Chung, J. and J. Chang. “Characteristics and Lifetime Career of the Female
Self-employed and Family Workers”. 2000.  
· Han, J. and J. Chang. "Atypical Work Arrangement and Lifetime Work History."
Korean Journal of Labor Economics. 2000 Vol. XXIII. (Special Issue)  
· Lee, O. and J. Chang. “Women, Family, and Society”. Seyoungsa. 1999 .
· Chang, J. "Population Transitions and Female Labor Market." Korea Journal of
Population Studies. 1998. Vol. 21. No. 2.  
· Chang, J. "Female Labor Market Transitions surrounding Childbirths." Korea
Journal of Population Studies. 1997. Vol. 20. No. 2.  
· Chang, J. and L. Wu. "Labor Force Transitions of Women in the Period
Surrounding a First Birth." 1998, 1999 (Presented at Annual Meetings of the
Population Association of American)