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  • Name Changwon Lee
  • Departments Industrial Relations Research Division
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  • Tel +82-44-287-6210
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· 1994  Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Chicago, USA
· 1992  M.A. in Sociology, University of Chicago, USA
· 1986  B.A. in Sociology, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


· 2013~2015 Director of Center for Wage and Job Research, KLI
· 2009~2011 Director-General of the Office for Industrial Relations
Research,    KLI
· 2008~2009 Director of Korea Workplace Innovation Center, KLI
· 2005~2006 Director-General of the Office for Research Planning and    
Management, KLI
· 2004~2005 Present Senior Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute
· 2002~2005 Director of the International Cooperation and Information
Office,    KLI
· 2001~2002 Director of the Research Planning and Coordination Office, KLI
· 2001~2002 Director of the Advanced Labor-Management Relations Program, KLI
· 2001~Present Policy Evaluation Committee Member, Ministry of Labor  
· 2000~2001 Visiting Fellow, University of Sydney, (Work & Organizational
· 1999~2000 Assistant Secretary for Labor Policy, Office of the President
· 1996~2004 Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute
· 1994~1996  Senior Fellow, Hanwha Economic Research Institute
· 1994~2001 Lecturer, Yonsei Univ., Korea Univ., Kookmin Univ.

Major Publications

· Wage Policies for Ruducing Wage Gaps. 2015. KLI
· Income Distiributions in Korea: Trend, Determinants and Policy
Directions.2015. National Economic Advisory Council.
· CSR and Industrial Relations for Supply chains, 2012. KLI
· A Comparative Study on the Changing patterns of Collective Bargaining after
the Global Financial Crisis, 2011. KLI
· A Review Stuy on the Induatrial Relations in Korea since 1987. 2008, KLI
· CSR and Labpr Relations, (co-authored), 2006, KLI
·" An Empirical Study on Union and Company Commitment on Korean and Chinese
Employees"(co-authored), Digital Cpmmons@ILR, Cornell
· Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management in Korean Firms invested
in China, 2003 (co-authored). KLI  
· "Changing Employment Relations in the Banking Sector : The Case of Korea",
「Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations 」, Vol.44, 2002, with Jim Kitay  
· "Reducing Labor Market Rigidity", Korea's Economy 2002, Vol.18, Korea
Economic Institute  
· "Trade and Labor Issue and Its Policy Options",「WTO New Round Studies」, 2002
(co-authored). KIEP
· Employment Relations in the Asia-Pacific, 2000 (co-edited). Allen& Unwin  
"Globalisation and Labour Rights in Korea", 2000 (co-authored).    Asia Pacific
Business Review Vol.6, No. 3&4  
· “State and Labor in Structural Adjustment” (in Korean), 1998 (co-edited).
· “Unemployment and Poverty in Korea” (in Korean) 1998 (co-authored). KLI  
· “Quality of Working Life in Korea” (in Korean) 1998. KLI  
· “Human Resources and Career Developments for College-graduated White-collar
Workers” (in Korean) 1997. KLI  
· “Corporate Elites in Korea” (in Korean) 1995. Baksan