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  • Name Jai-Joon Hur
  • Departments Employment Policy Research Division
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  • Tel +82-44-287-6315
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·1995 University Paris X-Nanterre, Doctorat, Labor Economics
       (Grade: Tres honorable avec felicitations)
·1989 University Paris I-Panthéon Sorbonne, DEA, Macroeconomics
·1987 Seoul National University, M.A., International Economics
·1985 Seoul National University, B.A., Economics


Dr. Jai-Joon Hur is Director-General of Employment Policy Division of the Korea
Labor Institute. He has led many researches for analyzing the labor market
changes, planning national employment strategy and improving Social Insurance
Schemes. He has been actively participating in advisory committees of the
Korean government and knowledge sharing projects for disseminating Korean
experiences of economic and human resource development.

He is a member of Performance Evaluation Committee of Ministry of Employment
and Labor, Social Security Committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare,
Long-term Finance Forecasting Expert Group of Ministry of Strategy and Finance,
Long-term Strategy Network of Ministry of Strategy and Finance and Future
Planning TF of the President’s Secretary Office.

Dr. Hur is a graduate of Seoul National University (1985) and received a Ph.D.
in Economics from the University Paris-X-Nanterre (1995). His work experience
and activities include Sr. Economist at the World Bank and ILO consultant.

His English publications include <The Impact of Information and Communication
Technology on Skilled Labor and Organization Types (2012)>, <Revisiting the
Seoul Development Consensus: Rationale, Current Status and Future Prospects
(2011)>, <Labor Mobility in the Asia-Pacific Region (2008)>, and  Information
and Communication Technology Diffusion and Skill Upgrading in Korean Industries
(2005)>. He has many publications in Korean including Seongjang Gwa
Goyong(Growth and Employment) (2008), Goyong Chinwhajeok Bokji Jeonryak Yeongu
(Strategy of Employment-Friendly Welfare Policy) (2011), and Yunghaphyeong
Sahoe Service Jeondal Chegye Gaeseon Bangan (Proposals for Integrated Delivery
of Employment-Welfare Services) (2013).

Major Publications

◦ Jai-Joon Hur. 2012. "Tertiarization of Employment", in Richard Freeman et
al. (Eds.), Crisis and Dynamics in the Labor Market, Springer.
◦ Hwan-Joo Seo, Young Soo Lee, Jai-Joon Hur and Jin Ki Kim. 2012. “The Impact
of Information and Communication Technology on Skilled Labor and Organization
Types.” Information Systems Frontiers. 14: 445-455. DOI
◦ Jungyoll Yun and Jai-Joon Hur 2011. "Severance Pay Reform in Korea", Robert
Holzmann et al. (Eds.), Reforming Severance Pay: An International Perspective.
Washington D.C.: World Bank.
◦ Nho, Yongjin and Jai-Joon Hur. 2010. “The Impact of Temporary Immigration of
Unskilled Workers on Firm Performances: Evidences from the Korean Small-Medium
Business Sector.” Paper presented at the World Bank and IPS Conference on
“Cross-Border Labor Mobility and Development in the East Asia and Pacific
Region” in Singapore, June 1st-2nd.
◦ Jai-Joon Hur. 2008. Demographic Change and International Labor Mobility in
North-East Asia, in Graeme Hugo and Soogil Young (Eds.), Labour Mobility in the
Asia-Pacific Region, Chapter 2, Singapore: ISEAS.
◦ Hur, Jai-Joon. 2005. "Including Informal Sector Workers in Public Income
Support Programs." Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy. 5(3): 143-189.
◦ Hur, Jai-Joon, Hwanjoo Seo, and Youngsoo Lee. 2005. "Information and
Communication Technology Diffusion and Skill Upgrading in Korean Industries."
Economics of Innovation and New Technology. 14(7): 553-572.