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  • Name Insong Jang
  • Departments Employment Policy Research Division
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  • Tel +82-44-287-6317
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1998.06 Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Riverside
1994.03 M.A.,  Economics, University of California, Riverside
1986.02 B.A.,  History, Seoul National University


Research Fellow    (10.2016 ~ current): Korea Labor Institute, South Korea
Senior Analyst     (08.2005 ~ 08.2016): Economic Analysis Division, National
Assembly Budget Office, South Korea
Research Fellow    (01.2002 ~ 12.2004): Faculty of Economics and Business
Administration, Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Research Professor (07.1998 ~ 12.2001): Department of Economics, University of
Bonn, Germany

Major Publications

“Measuring Total Factor Productivity under Imperfect Competition and Non
Constant Returns to Scale”, Working Paper, ESI, Free University Amsterdam,
November 2004

“Dynamic Panel Estimation of Dutch Industry Production Function”, Working
Paper, Free University Amsterdam, June 2003

“IT Investment and Sectoral Productivity Growth: Do We See IT Revolution in the
Netherlands?” Working Paper, ESI, Free University Amsterdam, December 2002

“Forward Looking Behavior and Empirical Household Consumption Function,” Bonn
Graduate School of Economics, Discussion Paper No. 7/2001, January 2001

“Testing Separability of Demand through Rotating Panel Data”, mimeo, Department
of Economics, University of Bonn, March 2000

“Nonlinearity and Rank of Engel curves”, Department of Economics, mimeo,
University of Bonn, January 2000

“Nonparametric Analysis of Labor Supply Curve”, SFB303 Discussion Paper No.
A-586, University of Bonn, November 1998