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  • Name Sung-teak Kim
  • Departments Employment Policy Research Division
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  • Tel +82-44-287-6303
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· 10/1997  Ph.D. in Economics, Brown University, USA
· 5/1990  M.A. in Economics Brown University, USA
· 5/1988  M.S. in Political Economics Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
· 2/1986  B.A. in Economics, Yonsei University, Korea


· June 2007 ~ Present, Senior Research Fellow, KLI
· Dec. 2013 ~ Jan. 2013, Visiting Professor, SungKyunKwan University
· June 2011 ~ Dec. 2012, Director-General of Research, Planning and Management
Division, KLI
· Feb. 2011 ~ May 2011, Director-General of Employment Policy Research
Division, KLI
· March 2009 ~ Feb. 2011, Director-General of Human Capital Research Division,
· Sept. 2008 ~ Feb. 2009, Director-General of Social Policy Research Division,
· Dec. 2007 ~ Sept. 2008, Director of International Cooperation and Information
Office, KLI
· Oct. 2000 ~ June 2007, Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute (KLI)
· Dec. 1997 ~ Oct. 2000  Associate Research Fellow, Korea Institute for
Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET)

Major Publications

·"Chapter 23. Green Job Creation in Korea : Issues and Policies" in 'Skills
Development Pathways in Asia : Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast
Asia Initiative(ESSSA)' LEED Working Paper Series, OECD, 2012. 12.
·'Green Growth : Green Industry and Green Job' National Research Council for
Economics Humanities and Social Sciences (Co-author), 2011. 12.
·"Korea's Unemployment Insurance in the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis and
Adjustments in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis", ADBI Working Paper Series No.
214, Asian Development Bank Institute, 2010. 5.
·"The Influence of the KORUS FTA on Employment" Korea Policy Review, Vol.3,
No.5, 2007.5.
·"Prospects for Increasing Labor Market Flexibility in Korea" in 'Korea's
Economy 2007', Korea Economic Institute of America, 2007. 2.
·"Is Korean Manufacturing Industry Still the Source of Job Creation?" in  
"Beyond Flexibility : Roadmaps for Korean Lobor Policy', KLI, 2007.
· "Policy Suggestions for the Knowledge-based Industry in Korea", Background
Paper, World Bank, 1999, 6.  
· "Duration Analysis of Welfare Spells: With Applications to the NLSY and NLS
Young Women Data.", Ph.D. Dissertation, Brown University, Providence, Rhode
Island, September 1997.