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[KLI Panel Brief No. 18] Current Status and Challenges of Low-Performer Management System
[KLI Panel Brief No. 18] Current Status and Challenges of Low-Performer Management System
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583 Aging Workforce and Industrial Relations: Challenges and Tasks Myung Joon Park, Ju-Hyeon Kim, Kwang-Pyo Roh, Ho-Chang Lee, Sang-Hoon December 30, 2015
582 Youth’s School-to-Work Transition and Social Independence Seung-Yeol Yee December 30, 2015
581 Contractor-Subcontractor Relations and Industrial relations in the Service Sector – with a Focus on the Telecommunications and Electronics Repair Industry Jeong-Hee Lee, Chong-Jin Kim, Kyung-Eun Jeong December 30, 2015 Contractor-Subcontractor.pdf
580 Economic Inequality: Status and Policy Measures Byung-Hee Lee, Byung-Gu Kang, Jaemin Seong, Minki Hong December 30, 2015 Economic Inequality.pdf
579 Wage and Job Management System of Office Aides Working on a Non-fixed Term Contract at Central Governmental Organizations Hoon Kim, Seung-hyup Lee, Ki-Woong Kim December 24, 2015
578 KLI Labor Statistics in Selected Countries 2015 Center for Labor Policy Analysis June 30, 2015 KLI_LSSC_2015.pdf
577 2015 KLI Labor Statistics Center for Labor Policy Analysis March 30, 2015 2015 KLI Labor Statistics.pdf
576 Review of Labor Jurisprudence 2014 Ki Sun Kim, Jeseong Park February 13, 2015 Review of Labor Jurisprudence 2014.pdf
575 Research and Analysis of Low Wages and Working Conditions of Small-Scale Service Businesses: Focused on Coffee Shops and Bakery Chains Bae Kiu-Sik December 30, 2014 Research and Analysis of Low.pdf
574 Shortening working hours in manufacturing and ways to resolve conflict over ordinary wage Hong-Geun Chang December 30, 2014 Shortening_working.pdf
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