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Research in 2021
No Title Project Manager(s)
1 An Integrated Study for Effective Job Creation for Youth Yoo Bin Kim
2 An Integrative Research on Labor Market and Fertility Selim Choi
3 Climate Crisis and the World of Work Jeong-Hee Lee
4 Competition and Employment in the Manufacturing Sector Hyeongjun Bang
5 COVID-19 Employment Crisis and Employment Policy Reforms Jai-Joon Hur
6 Cross-National Comparative Research on Employment Support Policies for Older Workers Seungho Lee
7 Economic Recession and the Labor Market for Youth and Women Eunhye Kwak
8 Enhancement of Workforce Competitiveness in the Manufacturing Sector Myung-Joon Park
9 Impact Investing in South Korea Sangjoon Lee
10 Longitudinal Study on Female Employment in South Korea: Selection into Work, Gender Wage Gaps, and COVID-19 as a Labor Market Shock Seonho Shin
11 Monopsony, Income Distribution, and Aggregate Demand Min-Ki Hong
12 Policy Measures to Support Low-Wage Workers Charnim Park
13 Reforming the Practices of Overwork to Achieve Work-Life Balance Keunju Kim
14 Research on Social and Employment Policies to Support Small Business Owners and the Self-Employed Sang-Bong Oh
15 The Advent of the Contactless Era and Changes in the Way We Work Se-Ri No
16 The Applicability of Labour Law Principles regarding Wages to Workers in Non-standard Employment: an exploratory study June Namgoong
17 The Current State of Hours Actually Worked and Hours Paid for and Measures to Reduce the Gap between Them Jin-Ho Jeong
18 The Development of Job Classification System at the Sectoral Level and Its Usage Kye-teak Oh
19 The Effect of Employment Volatility on Household Income Volatility and Consumption Insong Jang
20 The Impact of the Introduction of a Local Currency on the Local Economy and its Policy Implications: With a Focus on Local Employment Dongwoo Kang
21 The Income Elasticity of Fertility in South Korea: Microeconomic Theory and Macroeconomic Outcomes ShinHyuck Kang
22 With a Focus on their Implementation at the Company Level Young-Woo Koh
23 Work Trajectory and Health Inequalities Younga Kim
24 Workplace Innovation Policies for SMEs and Support Programs for Productivity Improvement Seong-Jae Cho
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