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Research in 2019
No Title Project Manager(s)
1 Analysis of Gender Discrimination in Labor Market on the Demand Side Selim Choi
2 Analysis of Labor Market in Data Industry Hyeongjun Bang
3 Analysis of Relationship between Gender Role Perception, Gender Division of Labor, and Women’s Economic Activity Young-Woo Koh
4 Analysis on Statistics Related to Minimum Wage Sangbong Oh
5 Current Status and Reasons for Consumption Inequality Yeon Jeong Son
6 Diversification of Employment Relations and Representation of Workers’ Interest Heungjun Jung
7 Dynamic Analysis of Precarious Employment: Focusing on Subjective Precariousness Younga Kim
8 Heterogeneity of Labor Market and Wage Elasticity Donghoon Yoo
9 Human Resource Management of SMEs in Different Growth Stages of Organization Se-Ri No
10 ILO’s Challenge for 100 Years for Social Justice and East Asian Experiences Jeseong Park
11 International Comparative Study on Human Resource Management System and Wage Setting in Public Sector Dong-Gwan Jung
12 Measurement and Implications of Trickle-down Effect Insong Jang
13 Present and Future of Employment Services in Transitional Period Hyeon Jong Kil
14 Reality of Fair Recruitment and Measures for Improvement Se-Um Kim
15 Relationship between Minimum Wage System and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Related Policy Tasks Jaeryang Nam
16 Study on the Impact of Business Performance, Productivity, and Population Changes on Wage Jae Min Seong
17 Study on the Labor Market of Illegal Foreign Labor Force Gyu-yong Lee
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