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Technology Shocks Fluctuations and Labor Market
Technology Shocks Fluctuations and Labor Market
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29 KLI Annual Report 2012 International Cooperation and Information Office July 08, 2013 KLI Annual Report 2012.pdf
28 Methodology for the Improvement of Panel Data Quality-CAPI(Computer-Assisted Personal Interview) Effects- Hyomi Choi et al. March 14, 2013 Panel Data Quality.pdf
27 Recommendation for Technical and Economic Development Cooperation Between Korea and Sierra Leone Jai-Joon Hur, Franklyn Lisk, Geon-jin Mo December 28, 2012 Recommendation for Technical.pdf
26 Labor Issues in Korea 2011 Edited by Jiyeun Chang June 15, 2012 Labor issues in korea 2011[1].pdf
25 KLI Annual Report 2011 International Cooperation and Information Office June 05, 2012 2011 Annual Report.pdf
24 The Introduction and Development of Employment Insurance(EI) in Korea Kil-Sang Yoo November 15, 2011 Employment Insurance(EI) in Korea.pdf
23 The Minimum Wage System in Korea Taimyun Jung November 14, 2011 04-The_Minimum_Wage_System.pdf
22 Industrial Accident Prevention System in Korea Jo-Duk Yoon November 14, 2011 03-Industrial Accident.pdf
21 Pay in Korea Joon-Sung Park and Eui Kyoung Park November 14, 2011 02-Pay_in_Korea.pdf
20 Equal Employment Policies in Korea Hee-Kyung Kim and Myung-Sook Jun November 14, 2011 01-Equal Employment.pdf
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