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Article 1 Purpose
The website, which is operated by the Korea Labor Institute (hereinafter referred to as the “KLI”), offer services to members free of charge. The Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms & Conditions”) state the provisions related to the operation and usage of the website.

Article 2 Definition of Term
“User” shall refer to an individual who logs on to the KLI's website and uses the services provided by the KLI pursuant to the Terms & Conditions.

Article 3 Terms of Validity and Revisions
(1) The Terms & Conditions shall become valid upon notification to users.

(2) The KLI may amend the Terms & Conditions and the revised version shall be separately notified on the website. Users may cancel their membership if he or she does not agree to the revisions in the Terms & Conditions and continuous use of the website’s services shall be considered as consenting to the changes. The revised Terms & Conditions shall also take effect upon notification to users.

Article 4 Other Related Laws and Regulations
Matters not specified in the Terms & Conditions but prescribed under relevant Korean laws and regulations shall be pursuant to such laws and regulations.


Article 1 Conclusion of Service Agreement
(1) The service agreement shall constitute as the KLI's approval of the user's application for service use and the user's consent to the Terms & Conditions.

(2) For those wishing to subscribe to the KLI’s website, the individual shall provide his or her personal information as requested by the KLI. The user's personal information shall be strictly protected according to the Terms & Conditions and the Guideline for the Protection of Personal Information.

Article 2 Restriction of Services
(1) The KLI shall not approve service requests that fall under any of the following categories.
① If requesting service using another person's name
② If requesting service by providing false information
③ If requesting service which may be offensive to public order and morals
④ If unable to meet other conditions set out by the KLI

Article 3 Use of Services
(1) The KLI, if there is no business or technical disruptions, shall provide year-round service, 24 hours a day.

(2) The service hours noted in Section 1 does not consider the day(s) or hour(s) set by the KLI needed to perform regular inspections.

(3) The KLI shall notify the reason for and period of suspending service; provided that, pre-notice may be omitted in the case of unexpected circumstances.

Article 4 Protection of User's Information
(1) The KLI shall take necessary measures to assure that the user's personal information does not get lost, stolen, leaked, modified or damaged.

(2) If the user voluntarily provides his or her personal information via online (e.g. message boards, e-mails, chat rooms), the KLI shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred due to such information being collected and possibly used by another person.


Article 1 Korea Labor Institute
(1) The KLI shall be responsible for providing services continuously and safely in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

(2) The KLI shall not disclose or distribute the user's personal information without his or her approval; however, it shall not apply in the case of requests from relevant government bodies according to the Telecommunications Act and other related laws.

(3) The KLI shall immediately address any opinions provided and complaints made by users, if deemed justified; provided that, in the case of difficulty in quickly addressing such opinions or complaints, the KLI shall notify the user of the reason and expected handling period.

Article 2 User
(1) The user shall be responsible for managing his or her ID and password.

(2) The user shall immediately notify the KLI if one’s ID is wrongfully used.

(3) The user shall comply with the Terms & Conditions and provisions set under relevant laws and regulations.

(4) The user shall not transfer, give or lend one’s ID to another person and/or allow another person to use it.

(5) The user may not engage in any commercial practices using data registered on the KLI's website.


Article 1 Termination of Agreement and Restriction of Services
(1) If the user wishes to terminate the service agreement, he or she shall request membership withdrawal via logging on to the KLI's website ('MY PAGE > Membership Withdrawal’) or via e-mail ( by indicating one's name, ID and contact number.

(2) If the user commits any one of the following acts, the KLI may terminate the service agreement without prior notice or suspend service for a set period.
① If going against public order and morals
② If involving a criminal act
③ If using or planning to use services for the purpose of hurting national or social interests
④ If having stolen another person's ID and password
⑤ If defaming another person's character
⑥ If using two different IDs
⑦ If disrupting services from being properly offered
⑧ If illegally copying the contents and using it for commercial purposes
⑨ If failing to comply with other relevant laws and regulations or conditions set out by the KLI

Article 2 Cancellation of Restriction of Services
(1) If the KLI wishes to restrict services, it shall notify the said user or user’s proxy of the reason, date and time via written form or telephone; provided that, it shall not apply if the KLI has reason to immediately suspend services.

(2) The user or user’s proxy who received the notice may file a claim if there are objections.

(3) The KLI may delay the period of service suspension until the user's claim is confirmed and the result shall be notified to the said user or user’s proxy.

(4) The KLI cancel service suspension upon confirmation that the reason for restring service has been resolved.

Article 3 Notices and Postings
(1) Notices and postings shall include information placed by the users on the KLI’s website.

(2) The user shall be responsible for any losses or problems incurred due to the information (and Q&A) posted on the website and the KLI shall not be responsible unless involving intentional acts.

(3) The KLI may delete contents posted by a user if considered falling under any of the following categories.
① If contents are believed to be defamatory or libelous
② If contents are believed to be offensive to public order and morals
③ If contents are believed to be associated with a criminal act
④ If contents are believed to invade another person's rights (e.g. copyright)
⑤ If contents are believed to go against other relevant laws and regulations or rules set out by the KLI


(1) The KLI shall hold copyrights to all materials provided on the website and other intellectual property rights.

(2) The user may not copy, send, publish, redistribute, broadcast, etc. information obtained via the KLI's website for commercial purposes without the KLI's prior consent.

(3) The KLI shall not be responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site.


Article 1 Enactment Date
The Terms & Conditions shall take effect on January 1, 2006.

Notice on Collection and Usage of Personal Information

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and related statutes, the Korea Labor Institute (hereinafter, “The institute”) notifies users about the collection and usage of personal information prior to consent. Please review the following information and make your selection.

1. Purpose for Collection and Usage of Personal Information
The institute will use the collected information for the purposes of confirming the intent to join, maintaining and managing user privileges, various notifications, data download services, etc.

2. Categories of Information Collected
- Required fields: Name, E-mail Address
- Information collected automatically from accessing the website: IP address, date of visit, usage records

3. Retention and Usage Period
The information collected cannot be opened by anyone else except for the appropriate administrator. Once a member cancels one’s membership, the member information is destroyed immediately. Member accounts that haven’t been used for over 1 year will be changed to an inactive account, and the relevant information will be stored separately.

4. Provision of Information to Third Parties
The institute does not provide any personal information to third parties without the user’s consent.

5. Notice on Right to Refuse Consent
The user reserves the right to refuse consent on the collection of personal information. If such, the user cannot use this service.