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Consumption Inequality: Overview and Causes
Consumption Inequality: Overview and Causes
  • Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction


    Chapter 2. Changes in the Consumption Structure and Propensity to Consume


    Chapter 3. Changes in Consumption Inequality


    Chapter 4. Regional Gap in Household Consumption Expenditure: Comparison of the Capital and Non-Capital Regions


    Chapter 5. Summary and Conclusion 


    Studies on inequality so far have focused on income inequality. But manifestations of inequality could be different between income and consumption, and consumption could have a more direct bearing on the social well-being and happiness of members of a society. And consumption inequality could be more significant as an economic indicator of social justice and distribution. Unlike prior studies, this study aims to review inequality from consumption side, not income. It will go a step beyond simply measuring inequality based on the volume of consumption, will break down the consumption items to analyze households’ consumption and spending behavior and degree of inequality. Findings and implications of this study can be summed up as follows. (For the full text of the English summary, please download the “Download 2 English_Abstract”.)

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1 Consumption Inequality: Overview and Causes Yeon Jeong Son et al. December 30, 2019 Consumption Inequality: Overview and Causes