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The Future of Labor and New Paradigm
The Future of Labor and New Paradigm
  • Topic Industrial Relations & HRM
  • Author Wonduck Lee, Jangho Kim et al.
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date March 20, 2003
  • Length 330 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download1 The Future of Labor and New Paradigm.pdf The Future of Labor and New Paradigm.pdf
    We live in the age of transformation and reform. The last half a century since the founding of
    nation can be described as the era of reconstruction and development, industrialization
    and quantitative growth, and political authoritarianism. However, with the next half a century
    before us, dawning is the period of knowledge and information, qualitative economic
    growth, and political democracy.

    The times of vast and rapid changes simultaneously call for reform. Strategies and policies
    national development, laws and institutions, culture, mindset and practices must be
    reformed. At the center of these changes and reforms lies labor. With the mounting
    of knowledge and information, which define the new era, the sources of national and
    competitiveness shifted from material resources to man and knowledge, in other words,
    resources. Therefore, labor as a productive utilization of human resources, and laws and
    institutions regulating labor are undergoing seismic changes, and the new order of labor is
    rapidly taking shape.

    At this point labor scholars decided to forecast the future of labor and seek a new paradigm
    the future labor society. The common characteristic of this group of scholars is that they are
    their 50s and not only well-versed in theories of their respective field, but also have much
    understanding of the reality and policies of labor. However, 30 years into their career as
    specialists, it is also true that these authors differ greatly in their thoughts about the present
    and future of labor, and the new labor order.

    Rather than realigning the differences in perspectives among them, this book attempts to
    respect the diversity of their views on the reality and future and present them unfiltered. It
    so in the hope that such manifold positions and issues will add depth and variety to the
    discussions, which would ultimately lead to a better future for labor.
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