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Wage Information Brief: 2022 No. 3 (Serial No. 71)
Wage Information Brief: 2022 No. 3 (Serial No. 71)
  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    1. Wage Trends in February 2022-March 2022 based on the Worknet Recruitment DB

    2. Cases of Wage System Reform



    ■ In March 2022, the number of new job openings was 306,000, the number of new job searches was 454,000. The average offered wage was 2.17 million won and the average desired wage was 2.16 million won; the overall wage satisfaction rate was 100.5%.

    ■ The overall wage satisfaction rate increased by 1.5%p, compared to the same month of the previous year.

    ■ By employment type, the wage satisfaction rate in ‘non-fixed term employment contract’ was highest at 110.0% but was lowest at 51.3% in the form of ‘non-fixed term employment contract (part-time).

    ■ Looking at the top five occupations with the highest wage satisfaction rate, ‘security service jobs’ has the highest rate of 115.7%, followed by 'food processing/production jobs', ‘simple manufacturing’, ‘cleaning and other personal service jobs’ and ‘administration and office jobs’.

    ■ On the other hand, looking at the lower five occupation with the lowest wage satisfaction rate, ‘care service jobs (nursing/childcare)’ has the lowest at 77.2%, followed by ‘education’, 'metal/material installation/maintenance/production jobs', ‘metal/material installation, maintenance jobs' and ‘construction/mining jobs'.