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Wage Information Brief: 2020 No. 07 (Serial No. 53)
Wage Information Brief: 2020 No. 07 (Serial No. 53)
  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    1. Wage Trends in June-July based on the Worknet Recruitment DB

    2. Cases of Wage System Reform



    In July 2020, there were 182,000 individuals newly looking for jobs and 410,000 jobs newly open for recruitment at the average offered wage of 20,240,000 won and average desired wage of 20,990,000 won. The overall wage satisfaction rate was 96.4%.

    By employment type, the wage satisfaction rate of ‘non-fixed term employment contract’ was highest at 102.9%, and was lowest at 48.7% in the form of non-fixed term employment contract(part-time)’ which was a little less than half of the wage satisfaction rate.

    By job type, the highest wage satisfaction rate was in ‘guards-janitors’ at 112.0%, followed by ‘cleaning and other personal service-related jobs’, ‘electric-electronic installation-repair-manufacturing jobs’, ‘simple manufacturing jobs’ and ‘healthcare, medical’.

    The lowest 5 wage satisfaction rates were in ‘caregiving service (patient/childcare)’ at 80.6%, followed by ‘construction/mining’, ‘metal/material installation/maintenance/production’, ‘transport-shipping’ and ‘manufacturing R&D/engineering technical jobs’.