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International Labor Brief (Vol. 19, No. 01, 2021)
International Labor Brief (Vol. 19, No. 01, 2021)
  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Global Focus

    The Impact of COVID-19 on the Labor Market: Current Situation in Korea, China and Japan (Jae-Min Seong)


    Special Feature: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Labor Market in China and Japan and Countermeasures

    The Impact of the Spread of COVID-19 on Employment and Labor in Japan: Focusing on Working Hour Changes and Gap between Class (Takami Tomohiro)

    COVID-19 Shocks on Japanese Women: Current Situation and Future Prospects (Zhou Yanfei)

    COVID-19 Impact on Flexible Employment in China and Countermeasures (Li Fujun, Chen Yun, Mo Rong, Bao Chunlei)

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Chinese Employment and Policy Measures (Chen Yun)


    International Labor Trends

    The Exposed Gender Gap in the U.S. due to COVID-19 (Seong-Hoon Hong)

    Changes in the German Labor Legislation in 2021 (Seung Hyun Lee)

    COVID-19 and Migrant Workers (Taehoon Lee)

    Current Situation of Japan’s Death from Overwork: Focusing on the 2020 White Paper to Prevent Death from Overwork (Joonhee Park)

    Countermeasures against COVID-19: The Chines Government’s Policy to Expand Labor Flexibility and its Impact on Workers (Seokjin Park)

    World Labor News

    * Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean.​