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Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol.21, Issue 4)
Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol.21, Issue 4)
  • Table of Contents

    ■ Historical Institutional Dynamics of Public Employment Services and Unemployment Benefits (Lee, Deok-Jae)

    ■ An Empirical Analysis on Freelancers’ Job Satisfaction and its Policy Implications (Jang, Jongick)

    ■ The Characteristics of Korean Internal Labor Market and Non-regular Employment (Jung, Sung Gug)

    ■ Exploring the Determinants of Perceived Over­underqualification and its Effect on Job and Life Satisfaction of University Graduate New Employees (Kim, Jaecheol · Jeong, Dajung · Ham, Soomin · Kwon, EunA · Heo, ChangGoo)

    ■ Comparison of Ordinance for Occupational Accident Prevention of Local Government (Jang, Anseok · Jeon, Jiin · Kim, Eunpok)

    ■ Analysis of the Moderating Effect by Organizational Cultures in the Relationship between the Perception of Employment Barriers and Employment Intentions of Middle-aged Workers (Hong, Sungpyo · Yang, Injun)

    ■ Is the Cost-sharing in the Korea’s Training Credit Programs Optimal? (Kim, Yong-seong · Park, Chang-gyu)

    * Please note that the articles are available only in Korean.