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Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol.21, Issue 2)
Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol.21, Issue 2)
  • Table of Contents

    Clustering and Characterization of the Trajectory of Changes Skills of Young People (Hyunjoo Yu, Jakyung Park, Jisik Min)

    The Study on the Characteristics of Working Time in Time Poverty (Youngmin Shin)

    ■ Social Insurance Precariousness of Dependent Self-Employed Workers Focusing on the National Pension Scheme (Hyungyung Moon, Jaerin Ryu)

    ■ A Study on the Labor Conditions and Job Satisfaction of the Platform Workers (Jaewook Nahm)

    ■ Determinants and Effectiveness of Payroll Outsourcing (Donghoon Yang, Eunjung Ko)

    ■ Impacts of Shipbuilding Industry Crisis on Employment and Sales of Small Business in Ulsan, with Focus on Food, Lodging and Service Industry (Chung Choe, Sanghyup Lee)

    ■ Employment News Agenda and Trends Analysis in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic using Text Mining (Jiyoun Yang, Mina Son, Seungmin Noh)


    * Please note that the articles are available only in Korean.