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Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol. 13, Issue 1)
Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol. 13, Issue 1)
  • Author Center for Labor Policy Analysis
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date March 31, 2013
  • Length 206 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download QJLP_20131.pdf QJLP_20131.pdf
  • Table of Contents

    The Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy, published by the Korea Labor Institute (KLI) since July 2001, presents implications of future policy directions through in-depth analysis and assessment of labor market policies in Korea. It also contributes to academic advancement by enabling a better understanding of policy decisions with respect to work life and their effects on individual agents at play in the labor market. The Journal offers a series of articles on topics such as labor market situations, industrial relations, human resource development and management, labor laws, education economics, health economics, demography and gerontology, industrial safety, and social insurance systems and workplace welfare.

    - Contents-

    The Effect of Family Background on Children’s Educational Outcomes in Korea: Estimation Using Siblings and School Data (Jung-Seung Yang)

    Income Distribution and Poverty Incidence in Single-Mother Households (Jung-ho Ban and Kyung-hee Kim)

    Legislative Challenges to the Disability Employment System in Korea (Mi Kyung Cho)

    A Comparative Study on the Operation of the Korean and British Minimum Wage Institutions (Jun-Ho Chae and Sang-Beom Woo)

    Measuring the Treatment Effect of CSAT Score on Labor Market Performance at Entry Level: Generalized Propensity Score Approach (Pilsun Choi and Insik Min)

    In Search of an Essential Public Service System in Italy (Soo Jung Shin)