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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 208, July 2022)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 208, July 2022)
  • Table of Contents

    Labor Focus

    Labor Reform (Jeseong Park)


    Special Feature: Review on the Current Issues of Labor Law

    Legal Implication of the ILO Fundamental Conventions (June Namgoong)

    Reorganization of the Regulations on Working Hours (Young-Hoon Jeong)

    Issues on Interpretation of the Serious Disaster Punishment Act and Tasks for Complementary Legislation (Ohseong Kwon)


    Issue Analysis

    Estimation of Appropriate Compensation for Increased Working Hours: Using Life Satisfaction Approach (Yong-Bin Lim)

    Responses to the Serious Disaster Punishment Act: Focusing on Online News Article Comments (Sang-Hoon Ji)


    Statistics Prism

    Increasing Number of the Lonely Death (Gyu-Joon Cho)


    Monthly Review of Recent Employment and Labor Law Cases


    Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations

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