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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 206, June 2022)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 206, June 2022)
  • Table of Contents
    Labor Focus

    Changes in the Global Supply Chain and the Path of Employment and Labor Policy (Jai-Joon Hur)


    Special Feature: Employment Crises and Employment Policy Innovation

    Transition in Labor Market and Employment and Labor Policy Innovation (Jai-Joon Hur)

    Employment Crises and Tasks for Labor Policy Innovation (Ji-Soon Park)

    Transition to Social Conversation 2.0 (Young-Ki Choi)


    Statistics Prism

    Relationship Between the Unemployment and Nominal Wage Growth Rate Since 2000


    Monthly Review of Recent Employment and Labor Law Cases


    Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations

    * Please note that the articles are available only in Korean