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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 195, June 2021)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 195, June 2021)
  • Table of Contents

    ▣ Labor Focus

    Employers’ Association as One of the Parties of Industrial Relations (Jeong-Hee Lee)


    ▣ Special Feature: Significance and Role of Employers’ Association 

    Normative Discussion for the Collective Agreement with Erga Omnes (Jeseong Park)

    The Representative System of Employers’ Association and Collective Agreement in France (Youngwoo Son)

    Employers’ Association in Korea: New Possibilities (In Jeon, Jeong-Hee Lee)


    ▣ Issue Analysis 

    Establishing a Gender Equal Labor Market Environment (Selim Choi)


    ▣ Statistics Prism 

    Trends in the Number of Industrial Accidents and Accident Rate (Kyujoon Cho)


    ▣ Monthly Review of Recent Employment and Labor Law Cases 


    ▣ Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations


    * Please note that the articles are available only in Korean