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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 194, May 2021)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 194, May 2021)
  • Table of Contents

    ​ Labor Focus 

    Impact of International Trade on Labor Market (Hyeongjun Bang)

    ​ Special Feature: Labor Market Impact of International Trade

    Impact of Trade with NSP (New Southern Policy) Countries on Domestic Labor Market (Se-Ri No)

    Impact of Increasing Trades with China and Vietnam on Domestic Labor Market (Kyunghyun Koo)

    Impact of KOR-EU and KOR-US FTA on Wage (Jooyoung Cheong)

    ​ Issue Analysis

    Determinant of Labor Income Share and Changes between Large Companies and SMEs (Yongbin Lim)

    ​ Statistics Prism

    Occupational Characteristics of the COVID-19 Deaths in UK

    ​ Monthly Review of Recent Employment and Labor Law Cases

    ​ Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations



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