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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 170, May 2019)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 170, May 2019)
  • Table of Contents

    Labor Focus

    Policy Direction for Regional Jobs (Kyu-Yong Lee)


    Special Feature: Regional Labor Mobility and Policy Direction for Regional Jobs

    Mobility of Shipbuilding Workers in Tongyeong and Gunsan City Examined through the Employment Insurance DB (Donghoon Yoo, Dongwoo Kang)

    Characteristics of Regional Mobility of Female Youth and their Employment Mobility of Seoul Metropolitan Area: Comparison among Those Born in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s (Young-woo Koh)

    Analysis on the Correlation between the Risk of Local Extinction and Regional Employment (Dongwoo Kang)


    Issue Analysis

    Impact of Job Autonomy on the Participation in Management and Workplace Innovation (Kyujun Cho)


    Statistics Prism

    Current Status of Discouraged Workers in Youth (Sora Kim)


    Monthly Review on Juridical Cases Regarding Labor Issues


    Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations