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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 150, September 2017)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 150, September 2017)
  • Table of Contents
    Labor Focus
    Change in Labor Market and Alternative Wage System (Kyetaik Oh)

    Special Feature: Wage System
    Tasks for Job-Based Wage System (Kyetaik Oh)
    Wage System in Public Sector: Current Situation and Policy Challenges (Dong Kwan Jung)
    Wage System in Japan: Focusing on Hitachi’s Role-Based Pay (Hak-soo Oh)
    Promotion Factors of Introducing Job-Based Pay (Minsu Song)

    Statistics Prism
    International Comparison of the Youth (25-34 years old) Employment Rate by Educational Background

    Monthly Review on Juridical Cases Regarding Labor Issues

    Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations

    * Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean