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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 124, July 2015)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 124, July 2015)
  • Author Center for Labor Policy Analysis
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date July 05, 2015
  • Length 123 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download MonthlyLaborReview_124_2015.pdf MonthlyLaborReview_124_2015.pdf
  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents


    ▣ Labor Focus

    - Approaches to the Job Creation Issues for the Youth (Kyu-Yong Lee)


    ▣ Special Feature: Youth Employment

    - Youth Labor Market Conditions and the Youth Employment Policy (Yoobin Kim)
    - Seeking the Directions for the Youth Employment Policy (Kyu-Yong Lee)
    - Performance Analysis of the Youth Internship Program (Jang-Soo Ryu)
    - Changes in the Youth Labor Market and Its Characteristics (Mun-Kyung Cho)
    - Labor Market Transitions of the Young University Graduates by Major (Hyun-Sang Jung)


    ▣ Issue Analysis


    ▣ Monthly Review on Juridical Cases regarding Labor Issues


    ▣ Statistical Prism

    - International Comparison of the Gender Wage Gap


    ▣ Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations