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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 123, June 2015)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 123, June 2015)
  • Table of Contents

    -Table of Contents-

    ▣ Labor Focus
    Challenges in the Public Sector Reform to Deliver High Quality Public Value (Myung Joon Park)

    ▣ Special Feature: Public Sector Reform and Industrial Relations
    Assessment of Improvement in Loose Management of Public Institutions in 2014 and Industrial Relations (Soo Bong Uh)

    An Analysis and Future Outlook of Public Sector Reform Policy (Kwangpyo Roh)

    Reforming the Wage System in the Public Sector and Industrial Relations (Dong-Bae Kim)

    Reforming the Public Sector Industrial Relations and Challenges Facing the Labor Union (Byeonghong Yoo) 

    ▣ Issue Analysis
    Current Situation and Challenges for Improvement of Non-Fixed Term Contract Workers’ Employment Management in Public Institutions (Hoon Kim, Dong Kwan Jung)

    ▣ Monthly Review on Juridical Cases regarding Labor Issues

    ▣ Statistical Prism

    ▣ Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations