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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 122, May 2015)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 122, May 2015)
  • Table of Contents

    -Table of Contents-

    ▣ Labor Focus 
    The Debate on the Minimum Wage Increase This Year (Joyup Ahn)

    ▣ Special Feature
    Global Financial Crisis and Dynamics of the Minimum Wage Jobs (Jaemin Seong)

    Minimum Wage Increase and the Effect on the Cost Burden of Companies (Sang-bong Oh)

    ▣ Issue Analysis
    Changes and Characteristics of the Female Labor Market after the Global Financial Crisis (Sungmi Jung)

    Changes in the Size of the Middle Class and Redistribution Policy (Jayoung Yoon)

    Workers’ Willingness towards Union Membership: Analysis on the Non-Unionized Companies (Jaewoo Jung)

    ▣ Monthly Review on Juridical Cases regarding Labor Issues

    ▣ Statistical Prism
    An International Comparison of Low-Wage Workers

    ▣ Trends of Labor Markets and Industrial Relations