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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 79, October 2011)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 79, October 2011)
  • Author Center for Labor Policy Analysis
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date October 05, 2011
  • Length 152 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download Review_201110.pdf Review_201110.pdf
  • Table of Contents

    The Monthly Labor Review aims to provide useful insights into current labor issues and policies to scholars as well as ordinary Koreans who do not specialize in labor. Although the Monthly Labor Bulletin provided basic statistics and analysis on current labor issues until December 2004, it was often criticized for targeting only a limited readership, namely scholars. Thus, with the goal of helping readers better understand a wide range of labor issues, the Korea Labor Institute began publishing the Monthly Labor Review in January 2005. It is composed of a Labor Focus, Feature Articles, Issue Analysis, Panel Study, Statistics Prism, and Labor Market Trends.

    -Table of Contents-

    ▣ Labor Focus
    Looking Back to Self-Employment in the Past Decade (Seung-Yeol Yee)

    ▣ Special Features
    Recent Changes in the Self-Employment Labor Market (Bogsoon Kim)
    Income Status and Changes in the Self-employed Households: 1990-2010 (Jungho Ban)

    ▣ Issue Analysis
    Fiscal Management Direction of the Korean Government in Employment in 2011-2015 (Hanam Phang)
    Changes in the Female Labor Market since the Asian Financial Crisis (Jae-Ho Keum)
    Structural Changes in the Elderly Labor Market (Sungmi Jung)
    Work Status of the Cleaning Service Sector (Seung Bok Kang)

    ▣ Review on Labor Law Cases
    Review on Labor Law Cases (Ga-Ram Kim)

    ▣ Statistical Prism
    Changes in the Share of Low-Wage among Elderly Workers

    ▣ Labor Market and Labor Relations Trends