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Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 66, September 2010)
Monthly Labor Review (Issue No. 66, September 2010)
  • Author Labor Trends Analysis Office
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date September 20, 2010
  • Length 103 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download review_201009.pdf review_201009.pdf
  • Table of Contents

    The Monthly Labor Review aims to provide useful insights into current labor issues and policies to scholars as well as ordinary Koreans who do not specialize in labor. Although the Monthly Labor Bulletin provided basic statistics and analysis on current labor issues until December 2004, it was often criticized for targeting only a limited number of readers, namely scholars. Thus, with the aim of helping readers better understand a wide range of labor issues, the Korea Labor Institute published the first issue of the Monthly Labor Review in January 2005. It is composed of a Labor Focus, Feature Articles, Issue Analysis, Panel Study, Statistics Prism, and Labor Market Trends.

    - Table of Contents -

    ■ Labor Focus
    Job Creation and Launch of Ministry of Employment and Labor

    ■  Special Features
    Categorization of Workplaces by Production System and Innovation Results (Seong-Jae Cho)
    Job Training System and OJT of POSCO (Hong-Geun Chang)

    ■ Issue Analysis
    Measures for Activating Local Employment Policy (Myung-sook Jun)
    Has Women’s Economic Status Improved? (Jae-ho Keum)

    ■ Policy Review
    Significance of the Court’s Ruling on In-house Subcontract of Hyundai Motor Company (Jeseong Park)
    How Can We React to In-house Subcontract? (Hyung-joon Lee)
    Situation and Future Challenges of In-house Subcontract (Hyung-dong Kim)

    ■ Statistical Prism
    International Comparison of Economic Growth Rate and Long-term Unemployment Rate

    ■ Labor Market and Labor Relations Trends