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Monthly Labor Review (No. 47, November 2008)
Monthly Labor Review (No. 47, November 2008)
  • Author Data Center
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date November 12, 2008
  • Length 129 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download review200811.pdf review200811.pdf
  • Table of Contents
    The Monthly Labor Review aims to provide useful insights into current labor issues and policies to scholars as well as ordinary Korean people who did not specialize in labor. Although Monthly Labor Bulletin had been providing basic statistics and analysis on current labor issues until December 2004, it had often been criticized for targeting only a limited number of readers, namely, scholars. Thus, in order to help readers to have a better understanding on a wide range of labor issues, the first issue of Monthly Labor Review is published in January 2005. It is composed of Labor Focus, Feature Articles, Issue Analysis, Panel Study, Statistics Prism and Labor Market Trends.

    - Table of Contents -

    ▣ Labor Focus
    1 Economic and Social Development Commission: Redefining its Role (Hoon Kim)
    ▣ Feature Articles
    7 Reasons behind Weak Employment: Focusing on Laws for Non-standard Workers and Non-Korean Workers (Kyung-joon Yoo)
    18 Recent Employment Trends after Revising the Number of Productive Population (Soo-Kyeong Hwang)
    ▣ Issue Analysis
    38 Assessment of the Past One Year’s Discrimination Correction System and the Direction of Future Legislation (Jong-hui Park)
    51 Introduction of the Essential Minimum Services System and Potential Issues (Hong-geun Chang, Ga-ram Kim, Byung-sik Kang)
    64 Major Contents and Assessment of Labor-Related Policies within the 11•3 Comprehensive Measures (Bok-soon Kim, Soo-Kyeong Hwang)
    ▣ Statistics Prism
    75 Wage Gap Trends by Household
    ▣ Panel Study
    78 Status of Female Workers at Workplaces in the 2005 Workplace Panel Survey (Jung-hyun Kwon)
    ▣ Review on Labor Law Cases
    91 Review on Labor Law Cases
    ▣ Labor Trends
    110 Major Labor Trends