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Monthly Labor Review (No.44, August 2008)
Monthly Labor Review (No.44, August 2008)
  • Author Data Center
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date August 13, 2008
  • Length 96 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download review200808.pdf review200808.pdf
  • Table of Contents
    The Monthly Labor Review aims to provide useful insights into current labor issues and policies to scholars as well as ordinary Korean people who did not specialize in labor. Although Monthly Labor Bulletin had been providing basic statistics and analysis on current labor issues until December 2004, it had often been criticized for targeting only a limited number of readers, namely, scholars. Thus, in order to help readers to have a better understanding on a wide range of labor issues, the first issue of Monthly Labor Review is published in January 2005. It is composed of Labor Focus, Feature Articles, Issue Analysis, Panel Study, Statistics Prism and Labor Market Trends.
    - Table of Contents - Issue Analysis 1 How to Support Employment of the Working Poor by Hye-won Kim 28 Economically Dependent Workers’ Employment Insurance: Demand & Application by Jo-Duk Yun, Ji-eun Lee 48 Nurturing Stable Small and Medium Business to Create ‘Quality Jobs’ by Joon-mo Cho, Seong-su Hwang Review on Labor Law Cases 58 Who is the Person in Charge of Business Management? by Je seong Park 60 Changing of Local (Industry-level) Labor Union Affiliation by Seong-tae Kang 62 Employers of Workers at Institutions Attached to School Foundations by In-seob Cheong 66 Unfair Dismissal Remedial Order Tentatively Reinstates Employee But Is Later Cancelled – Can Employee Apply for Unfair Dismissal Remedy? by Hong-yeong Kim 68 Job Change Orders & Their Legitimacy by Su-geun Park 70 Government Employees’ Right to Apply for Promoted Appointment by Jae-hyeong Do Panel Study 73 Introduction of Workplace Panel Survey (WPS) Small Dataset by Gi-min Kim Statistics Prism 81 Low-paid Work by Youths: An International Comparison Labor Trends 84 Major Labor Trends