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Monthly Labor Review (No.29, May 2007)
Monthly Labor Review (No.29, May 2007)
  • Author Data Center
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date May 11, 2007
  • Length 140 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download review_200705.pdf review_200705.pdf
  • Table of Contents
    The Monthly Labor Review aims to provide useful insights into current labor issues and policies to scholars as well as ordinary Korean people who did not specialize in labor. Although Monthly Labor Bulletin had been providing basic statistics and analysis on current labor issues until December 2004, it had often been criticized for targeting only a limited number of readers, namely, scholars. Thus, in order to help readers to have a better understanding on a wide range of labor issues, the first issue of Monthly Labor Review is published in January 2005. It is composed of Labor Focus, Feature Articles, Issue Analysis, Panel Study, Statistics Prism and Labor Market Trends.

    -Table of contents-

    Labor Focus
    1 Free Trade Agreement and Employment, by Hur, Jai-Joon

    Issue Analysis

    3 Free Trade Agreement and the Assistance Plan for Workers Affected by FTA, by Kim, Sung-teak

    22 Reform of the Assistance System for Self-support: Issues and Challenges, by Noh, Dae-Myung
    39 Construction of Social Safety Net for the Working Poor, Kim Dong-Heon
    49 Recent Analysis of Changes in Economically Inactive Population, by Jung, Sung-Mi

    Panel Study
    62 Analysis of Industrial Relations in Korea: Focusing on Enterprises Panel Data, Kim, Jung-woo

    Policy Forum
    76 Introduction of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act: Advantages and Disadvantages, Lee, Ho-sung
    80 Korean Confederation of Trade Unions’s Position on the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Kim, Tae-hyun
    84 The Urgent Necessity of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Song, Moon-hyun

    Statistics Prism
    88 Changes in the Construction of Recruitment: Focusing on the Employees with Less Than One Year of Continuous Service

    Labor Trend
    89 Trends of the Labor Market
    100 Trends of Industrial Relations