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Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol.19, Issue 3)
Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol.19, Issue 3)
  • Table of Contents

    Trajectories and Types of Youth Labor Market Transition: Focusing on Differences by Gender and Educational Level (Oh Yujin, Kim Kyo-seong)

    The Structural Relationship among Social Support, Awareness of Korean Society, Youth Vitality, Jobs Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Youth Worker (Sung Jung Hye, Kim Choon-Kyung)

    Which Popular Music Artist Anticipate Continuous Art Activities?: The Effect of Social Capital on Stable Artistic Prospects (Yang Jongmin, Seokyoung Kim, Kwon Hyunji)

    Major Factor Affecting Turnover Intention of College Graduates : Comparison and Analysis According to Regular Workers (Chung Do-bum)

    The Effects of Procedural Justice and Partnership Practices on Job Satisfaction and Affective Organizational Commitment: Evidence from Civilian Employees in Army Welfare Facilities (Kim Kyeongmin, Park Kihong)

    The Relationship between the Intergenerational Differences and Organizational Commitment: Focused on the Moderating Effect of External Reward (Oh Sangsuk)


    * Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean (Abstracts in English are included)