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Wage Information Brief: 2019 No. 7 (Serial No. 42)
Wage Information Brief: 2019 No. 7 (Serial No. 42)
  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    1. Wage Trends in June-July 2019 Based on Worknet Recruitment DB

    2. Cases of Wage System Reform

    3. General Methods of Job Analysis, Job Evaluation, and Job Design



    New job openings in July 2019 were 177,000 and new job-seekers were 355,000. Average offer wage was 2.002 million Korean won and reservation wage was 2.085 million, indicating a 98.6% of wage.

    By employment type, wage fulfillment was the highest at 100.6% in “work contract with no fixed term,” and the lowest in “work contract (hourly) with no fixed term” (50.4%).

    By occupation, the top 5 wage fulfillment rate were seen in “security/guard” at 109.9%, followed by “food processing/production”, “maintenance/personal services”, “electric/electronic installation/maintenance/production”, and “healthcare/medical”.

    The bottom 5 wage fulfillment rates were seen in “construction/mining” at 81.6%, followed by “caregiving service (patient care/childcare)”, ‘metal/material installation/maintenance/production”, “agriculture” and “construction/mining research and development/technical engineering”.