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International Labor Brief (Vol. 17, No. 8, 2019)
International Labor Brief (Vol. 17, No. 8, 2019)
  • Table of Contents

    Global Focus

    Heat Wave and Climate Change, a Threat to Workers (Ki-Sun Kim)


    Special Feature: Climate Warming and Worker Protection

    United States Working Conditions and Heat Protections in a Warming Climate (Shanna Devine, David Arkush)

    Heat-The Case for a Maximum Temperature at Work (TUC)

    Regulations and Measures for Labor Protection of Workers in High Indoors Temperature Environments (Kersten Bux)

    International Research Trends

    Research Analysis on Skilled Female Immigrant Workers in Europe (Taehoon Lee)


    International Labor Trends

    The Pay Discrimination Controversy of the US National Women’s Soccer Team (Jung Myung Kim)

    Review and Challenges of Equal Pay for Equal Work in China (Seokjin Park)

    Review of the Shortage Occupation List in the UK (Minseok Chae)

    The 52nd CGT Congress in France (Nathalie Verdeil, Sylvain Goldstein)

    Ratification of the ILO Convention No. 98 in Viet Nam (Jae Myung Park)


    World Labor News


    * Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean.