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International Labor Brief (Vol. 17, No.  6, 2019)
International Labor Brief (Vol. 17, No. 6, 2019)
  • Table of Contents

    Global Focus

    A Dream of International Society for Social Justice: Challenges for the ILO of 100 Years and Experiences in East Asia (Jeseong Park)


    Special Feature: Celebration of the ILO’s Centenary II

    Actual Sense of Social Justice and Future of the ILO (Alain Supiot)

    Globalization, Neo-Liberalization, and Social Justice (Kwang-Yeong Shin)

    Reconstructing Social Justice: Beyond “Labour is not a commodity” (Soo-mi Eun)

    Social Justice in Economic Development of China: Long Way to Go with Various Challenges (Aiqing Zheng)

    What “Labor” and “Workers” Came before Us (Mun Young Cho)

    Social Justice and the Nation: Establishment of the ILO and Japan’s Withdrawal (Kazumasa Kado)

    The Role of Social Justice, the Nation, and Law (Keun-Ju Kim)

    Rediscovery of the Lost Social Justice: 100 Years of Experience of Korea (Jeseong Park)

    Solidarity for the Dream of 100 Years (Seong Tae Kang)

    Social Justice and Labor: Ground Relay of the Round Table at the KLI International Conference to Mark the ILO’s Centenary (International Cooperation and Information Office, KLI)


    Issue Analysis

    Insourcing Case in Contracting-Out of Public Sector in the UK (Joonho Chae)


    International Labor Trends

    Impact of Economic Recovery after 2008 Economic Crisis on Labor Market in the US (Jungmyung Kim)

    Current Status of Non-Compliance of the National Minimum Wage in the UK and Assessment of Policy Response (Minseok Chae)

    Current Status and Related Legal System of Sexual Harassment in Workplace in China (Seokjin Park)


    World Labor News


    * Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean.