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International Labor Brief (Vol. 16, No. 11, 2018)
International Labor Brief (Vol. 16, No. 11, 2018)
  • Table of Contents

    Global Focus

    Decentralization and Diversification of Each Country’s Industrial Relations but Converging Alternatives (Seong-Jae Cho)


    Special Feature: Industrial Relations in the US and Northern Europe

    Notes towards Principles and Options for a New American Labor Law and Policy (Thomas A. Kochan)

    Coordination and Regulation of Wage Setting in Northern Europe: A mix of similar and differing responses to major challenges (Jon Erik Dølvik, Paul Marginson)


    In-Depth Analysis by Issues

    SNCF: Prolonged Massive Strike and Unyielding Government (Jean-Marie Pernot)


    International Labor Trends

    Introduction of Disclosure Rules on Wage Gap within the Company and Its Background in France (Jaehoon Hwang)

    Amendment Trends of Labor Law of Vietnam in 2019 (Jaemyung Park)


    World Labor News

    * Please be noted that the articles are available only in Korean.