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International Labor Brief (Vol.6, No8, 2008)
International Labor Brief (Vol.6, No8, 2008)
  • Author International Cooperation & Information Office
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date August 15, 2008
  • Length 148 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download brief200808.pdf brief200808.pdf
  • Table of Contents
    The monthly ‘INTERNATIONAL LABOR BRIEF’ aims to provide domestic and foreign policymakers and researchers in Korea with information on current labor issues and policies around the world.

    Main sections include: i) GLOBAL FOCUS –a column on ‘How we should understand the labor-related index suggested by international organization, such as the Employing Workers Indicator of the World Bank ?’; ii) SPECIAL FEATURES – on ‘Doing Business 2008 and the Employing Workers Indicator’ with a summary on ‘Doing Business 2008’ from World Bank, a statement on ‘Doing Business Report’ from the IOE, and other articles expressing the views of the ITUC and the ILO on ‘Doing Business 2008’ and the Employing Workers Indicator ; iii) IN DEPTH ANALYSIS- on ‘Social Protection for the self-employed: focusing on occupational disability in the Netherlands’ ; ⅳ) INTERNATIONAL LABOR TRENDS – articles on recent regional labor trends from Asia, America and Europe; ⅴ) WORLD LABOR NEWS – information on worldwide labor issues.