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Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol. 7, Issue 4)
Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy (Vol. 7, Issue 4)
  • Author Data Center
  • Language Korean
  • Publication Date December 31, 2007
  • Length 265 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download LaborPolicy7-4.pdf LaborPolicy7-4.pdf
  • Table of Contents
    The Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy, published by the Korea Labor Institute (KLI) since July 2001, aims to provide future policy directions through in-depth analysis and assessment of labor market policies in Korea. It also attempts to contribute to academic advancement by enabling better understanding of policy decisions concerning working life and their effects on individual agents playing in the labor market. The Journal offers a series of articles addressing various issues including labor market situations, industrial relations, human resource development and management, labor laws, education economics, health economics, demography and gerontology, industrial safety, and social insurance systems and workplace welfare.

    - Table of Contents-

    * The Size of Middle Class and Changing Income Distribution after Economic Crisis (Jun-Woo Nam) 1
    * Public Pension Reform Toward A More Funded System (Jung-Yoll Yun) 25
    * An Analysis on the Self-Employment in Korea and Japan (Seung-Yeol Yee, Kang-Shik Choi) 59
    * The Effects of Earned Income Tax Credit on Labor Supply in Korea (Byung-Goo Kang) 87
    * Why Employers Use Contingent Workers: Examining the Rational and Arational Hypotheses (Yoon-Ho Kim) 111
    * Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Self-rated Health Statue among Salaried Workers in Korea (Jin-Sook Kim) 143
    * The Transformation and Dynamics of the Labor Regime in the Port Industry (Doo-Joo Baek) 165
    * A Study on the Character of the Workplace Surveillance System with Electronic Devices from the Viewpoint of Labor Laws (Eun-Jung Park) 201
    * Towards Overcoming the Poverty of Local Labor Market Information with a Particular Focus on the Production of ‘Small Area’ Employment Estimates in Korea (Sang-Wan Shim, Seong-Gi Jeong) 233