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International Labor Brief (Vol.1, No.5, 2003)
International Labor Brief (Vol.1, No.5, 2003)
  • Table of Contents
    This issue of the bimonthly ‘International Labor Brief’ includes:

    i) GLOBAL FOCUS on the IIRA 13th World Congress held in Berlin on September 8-12
    ii) INTERNATIONAL LABOR TRENDS including latest discussions from the OECD, Australia,
    Germany, England France and USA
    iii) INTERVIEW with John Evans, Secretary-General of OECD-TUAC
    iv) SPECIAL FEATURE on public pension reform and industrial relations in France and
    v) IN-DEPTH ANALYSES on labor market reform of Argentina, and Italian labor market and
    minimum wages
    ⅴ) SERIAL SURVEY ON CHINA on right to organize;
    ⅵ) SERIES ON ILO LABOUR LEGISLATION GUIDE LINE on settlement of collective labour
    disputes and the right to strike
    ⅶ) WORLD LABOR NEWS providing information on worldwide labor issues.