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International Labor Brief (Vol.1, No.4, 2003)
International Labor Brief (Vol.1, No.4, 2003)
  • Table of Contents
    The bimonthly ‘INTERNATIONAL LABOR BRIEF’ aims to provide domestic and foreign
    policymakers and researchers in Korea with information on current labor issues and
    policies around the world. Main sections include:
    i) INTERNATIONAL LABOR TRENDS – articles on latest discussions from the ILO, and on
    regional labor trends from Asia, America and Europe;
    ii) INTERVIEW – with Wolfgang Streeck, Director of Max Planck Institute for the Study of
    Societies on breakup of Employment Alliance in Germany;
    iii) IN-DEPTH ANALYSES - on ‘Recent labor market trends in the Netherlands’ and
    ‘President Lula and the unions of Brazil’;
    ⅳ)SPECIAL FEATURE – on collective bargaining in automotive industry;
    ⅴ) SERIAL SURVEY ON CHINA – the third survey on ‘Industrial relations’ ;
    ⅵ) SERIES ON ILO LABOUR LEGISLATION GUIDE LINE- Substantive provisions of labour
    legislation: freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective
    bargaining ; and
    ⅶ) WORLD LABOR NEWS – information on worldwide labor issues.