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KLI Annual Report 2013
KLI Annual Report 2013
  • Author International Cooperation and Information Office
  • Language English
  • Publication Date July 15, 2014
  • Length 52 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download KLI Annual Report 2013(web).pdf KLI Annual Report 2013(web).pdf
  • Table of Contents

    I. Research Projects in 2013
    • Care Service Workers: Status of Industrial Accidents and Measures for Protection
    • Industrial Development and Skilled Labor in Korea: With a Focus on the Life Stories of Korean Master Craftsmen
    • Industrial Relations for Civil Servants: Status and Policy Tasks for Improvement
    • Open-Ended Employment Contracts: Status of Employment Management and Policy Tasks for Improvement
    • Connecting Public Procurement with Labor Policies: Policy Options to Reduce Low-Wage
    Work with Public Procurement Contracts
    • Working Hours and Work?Life Balance
    • Freelancers’ Work and Risks: Policy Tasks to Build a Social Safety Net for Freelance Workers
    • Impact of Cultural Differences on Divorce: With a Focus on the Mediating Effect of the Fair Sharing of Domestic Work
    • Critical Review of Employment-Oriented Welfare Policies
    • Economic Inequality and the Labor Market in Korea
    • Competitive Incentives in the Public Sector: Types and Organizational Performance
    • Characteristics and Labor Market Performance of Youth NEETs in Korea
    • Improving the Efficiency of Labor Market Policies for the Employment-Disadvantaged

    II. Appendix
    • List of Planned Research Projects in 2014
    • List of Publications
    • Chronology



    This annual report includes summaries of 13 major research projects carried out by the KLI in 2013.