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KLI Annual Report 2010
KLI Annual Report 2010
  • Author International Cooperation and Information Office, KLI
  • Language English
  • Publication Date September 19, 2011
  • Length 54 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download Annual_Report_2010.pdf Annual_Report_2010.pdf

    The KLI Annual Report 2010 includes summaries of 14 research projects conducted in 2010.

    -Table of Contents-

    I. Research Projects in 2010
    1. Labor Market and Social Policy
    - Measures for Reducing Gaps in the Employment Safety Net
    - Study on the Work Life and Retirement of the Baby Boom Generation
    - Current Conditions and Future Directions of Social Enterprises: With a Focus on Employment
    - A Study on the Substitutability of Employment among Cohorts
    - Changes in the Female Labor Market after the Financial Crisis and Policy Issues

    2. Human Capital
    - Analysis of the Effect of Green Growth on Jobs: With a Focus on Technological Innovation and Climate Change Convention
    - An Analysis of Labor Market Mismatch by Educational Attainment and Measures for Improving the Education System: With a Focus on Institutions of Higher Education and Vocational High Schools
    - Study on the Entrance of Youth into the Labor Market and Their Establishment
    - Analysis of the Effect of Minimum Wage

    3. Industrial Relations and Workplace Innovation
    - Comparative Study on Changes in Collective Bargaining after the Global Economic Crisis
    - Multiple Trade Unions and Full-Time Union Officials: Current Status and Policy Tasks
    - Working Time Flexibility and How to Improve It
    - A Study on Improving the Employee Representation Plan
    - Labor-Management-Government Partnerships for Regional Employment and Measures for Advancement

    II. Appendix
    - List of Planned Research Projects in 2011
    - List of Publications
    - Chronology