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Labor Issues in Korea 2009
Labor Issues in Korea 2009
  • Author Edited by Myung-sook Jun
  • Language English
  • Publication Date December 31, 2009
  • Length 296 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download Labor Issues in Korea 2009.pdf Labor Issues in Korea 2009.pdf

    This volume is a collection of significant articles written by researchers at the Korea Labor Institute as they seek to identify many issues for our society to address-and ways to address them. The subject matter embraces industrial-relations and labor-market issues such as corporate social responsibility, social enterprise policy, the new structure of local employment governance, fixed-term employment, and other related topics.

    - Table of Contents -

    1. Tasks for Creating and Fostering Social Enterprises (Charnim Park)
    2. Employment Structure and Effects of the Foreign Workforce (Kyu-Yong Lee and Sung-Jae Park)
    3. Participants in the Performing Arts Sector: Artists or Workers? (Seung-Yeol Yee)
    4. The Workers’ Medical and Vocational Rehabilitation System of Social Insurance in Korea (Jo-Duk Yoon)
    5. Temp-to-Perm Transition?: Recent Legislation on Fixed-Term Employment and Firm’s Choice (Hyunji Kwon)
    6. Industrial Relations in 2009: Outlook and Policy Tasks (Hoon Kim)
    7. Formation of Social Enterprise Policy and Prospects for Social Enterprises in Korea (Hye-Won Kim)
    8. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Asian Context: Local Issues and Global Standards (Changwon Lee)
    9. The New Structure of Local Employment Governance and Tasks for Labor, Management, and Government (Myung-sook Jun)
    10. The Need for Work Sharing to Achieve Work-Life Balance, and Its Direction (Hoon Kim and Soo Kyeong Hwang)
    11. Characteristics and Policy Response for Freelance Labor (Junwook Hwang)
    12. Impact of Sports’ Characteristics on the Labor Market (Junwook Hwang, Min Ki Hong,Seung-Yeol Yee, and Sang-Min Lee)