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Beyond Flexibility: Roadmaps for Korean Labor Policy
Beyond Flexibility: Roadmaps for Korean Labor Policy
  • Author Edited by Richard B.Freeman, Sunwoong Kim, and Jaeho Keum
  • Language English
  • Publication Date August 29, 2008
  • Length 298 Pages
  • Publisher Korea Labor Institute
  • Download Beyond Flexibility(BM).pdf Beyond Flexibility(BM).pdf
    For historians, economists, and policy-makers who want to learn how the Korean labor market has dealt with democratization and financial crisis, this volume provides a succinct summary of what we know. For those who want to understand the challenges that face a successful developing country on the road to the top rungs of economic progress, this book lays them out and describes the types of policy solutions that leading labor specialists are proposing. For researchers, it provides a guide to the data on Korean workers and firms that can inform their own work. The Appendix describes key datasets that are used in this volume, and how to find them.

    - Table of Contents -
    Chapter 1       Introduction
    Chapter 2       Historical Background: Before and After the Financial Crisis 
    Chapter 3       The Challenge of Rapid Aging and Low Fertility in Korea
    Chapter 4       Inequality, Polarization, and Social Unrest
    Chapter 5       Dualism and Institutional Insecurity in the Korean Labor Market
    Chapter 6       Labor Supply and Quantitative Disequilibrium
    Chapter 7       Qualitative Disequilibrium in the Labor Market and Policy Tasks
    Chapter 8       Is the Korean Manufacturing Industry Still the Source of Job Creation?
    Chapter 9       Will Tertiarization Create Better Jobs?
    Chapter 10     Employment and Earnings in the Self-employment Sector
    Chapter 11     Non-standard Employment
    Chapter 12     Conclusion