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Employment Insurance in Korea : The First Ten Years
Employment Insurance in Korea : The First Ten Years
    It has been 10 years since the Employment Insurance System (EIS) was introduced in Korea on July 1, 1995. The EIS completed the nations social insurance scheme which consists of the national pension, health insurance, disability insurance as well as the EIS, laying the foundation for a nationwide social safety net. Koreas EIS goes beyond the traditional unemployment insurance which mainly provides benefits when the insured becomes jobless. The EIS strongly leans toward an active labor market policy, one that attempts to prevent unemployment, promote hiring (especially among the employment?disadvantaged), and enhance productivity and employability of workers by encouraging vocational training. In chapter 1, the purpose and concept of the EIS to understand its philosophic background will be discussed. Chapter 2 will then chronicle the progress from the time when the need for such system was first raised to when it was actually launched. It will also recount the issues surrounding the EIS at the time of its launch. Chapter 3 will describe the evolution in the EIS delivery system with a focus on the Employment Security Center. Chapter 4 will analyze the past ten years of each EIS program in greater depth. The regulatory changes, accomplishments and their impact will be assessed by topic, such as coverage and premium collection, Employment Stabilization Program, Job Skill Development Program, Unemployment Benefits Program and Maternity Protection Program. And last, Chapter 5 will take a general look at the financial situation of the EIS. It will pay particular attention to some of todays pending issues such as the premium rate scheme and scope of EIS programs. For any inquiries about the book, please contact Dr. Jae-Ho Keum at

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Purpose and Concept of EIS
    Chapter 2. Introduction of the Employment Insurance System in Korea
    Chapter 3. EIS Organization and Delivery System
    Chapter 4. EIS Implementation and Evaluation
    Chapter 5. Employment Insurance Fund